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Show me your closet

10 Jan

I know Amaya from the fashion school that we attended together last year and she always struck me as super chic, stylish and cool. That’s why it did not surprise me when she made her entrepreneurial debut with this really great project called Show Me Your Closet , that basically helps you find those really unique garments or accessories that will make you feel special and add a vintage touch to your every day ensembles. But not only that. If you have items that you don’t need anymore, they will help you sell them as well. Think of it as a really big closet that you will have at your disposal to browse and find the perfect item for you.

Flowers in the attic

The difference between this store and any other out there is that they provide a 100% personalized service, being able to meet you (if you live in Madrid) and personally check out the quality of the items you would like to sell, guaranteeing a high level of confidence for their customers. One of the reasons why I have never bought old stuff from the Internet (at places like Ebay and such) is basically due to the fact that I normally do not trust the products to be in good enough state. Show Me Your Closet makes sure that the items sold on their we site meet the highest standards so that you can feel stress free.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 02

Another feature that I really like about this store is the minimalistic design of their web page which, in my opinion, always works best. I think that it helps maximizing the lovely design of the cloths and reflects the spirit of the products presented in a very honest and straight forward way.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 01


And last, but not least, I absolutely love the stories behind the clothes… Every item has its unique story of how, when or where it was bought and I just find them fascinating!! Don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I am quite a romantic freak and I love to imagine a super soapy story behind all things vintage… Oh, and I also love romantic comedies. But that’s another story that maybe we’ll get to one of these days.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 02 LOOK

So let me tell you the story of my new vintage bag purchased at Show me Your Closet (if you love this bag and want to buy it really bad but you see that it says “sold out” online, it’s because I have it!!! My treasure!!!). Amaya told me that she bought the bag last summer at a vintage flea market outside of Paris and that she found an unexpected treasure inside it… an old tie pin with the shape of a boat that must have belonged to its previous owner. The story would not be complete if I didn’t tell you that my friend has a thing for boats and even has a paper boat tattoo… So it seems that some things have a way of finding you even if you don’t really look for them. And that’s how my new bag found me!! I am thinking of so many ways of wearing it that I can’t wait to use it!!



So remember, if you want to find a wonderful closet full of the most beautiful treasures, visit and you will definitely find something that is just right for you!

Hope you enjoy it!



Why I LOVE Marc Jacobs

25 Nov

Sorry about the late post, but I had such a rough week at work and the Saturday has been just about sleeping and chilling for me… Funny how sleeping and resting often seems to me like a total waste of time, as I wish I could get more things done, but anyways, I guess one sometimes needs a rest as well. And since one of my best friends,Simona, is coming to visit next weekend, I just thought it would be good for me to just use this weekend for hibernating a bit and recharging batteries.

So today’s post is about my absolute FAVORITE designer EVER. MJ.Marc.Jacobs. THE BEST.

It’s not because he’s hot or because the has a perfect body. Not even because he’s obsessed with Sponge Bob to the point that he actually has a tattoo of him on his right arm. I love him because he’s one of the most creative designers out there that has managed to be business savvy at the same time showing the world that there is a way to combine the work that you love to do with the things consumers expect from you.

When he joined Maison Louis Vuitton in 1997 as the creative director of the brand, he managed to create the company’s first ready-to-wear clothing line whilst remaining true to his essence as an artist but delivering to Vuitton’s customers what they were expecting and attracting younger generations through the various collaborations with popular artists. One of his latest collaborations, with Yayoi Kusama, has actually been one of my favourites…

Here are some other campaigns, products and photos of his work that I also enjoyed a lot… The Protect the Skin you live in campaign, for example, featuring South Park characters.

Or the Victoria Beckham campaign, which I really loved!

And here is the the latest campaign for his AW12 collection. I thought it was quite cool.

My favorite cover of him on the Interview magazine…

As well as some of the things I still have on my wish list, like the famous mouse flats…

Or this bag from this AW12 collection…

So in case any of you were wondering what would make a nice Christmas gift for me, I guess now you know!

Thanks for reading my blog!



Who is Philip Crangi?

4 Nov


Image by The Selby. 

Why The Selby ( is one of my favorite blogs is no mystery. One gets a unique chance of entering the most intimate  space of just the coolest people around by clicking one button. And it’s not only the opportunity of seeing their homes and the way they decorate them, but also the utmost definition of themselves.

And let’s face it: we’re no hipsters, so we need some inspiration from those who get to be. And one of these super cool artists that I have just discovered is Philip Crangi.

A jeweler? A hipster? A hippie child? You name it, he’s got it. What first impressed me was his look – it was not how I pictured a jeweler. But when I got to the images of his atelier, I understood. His unique vision of embelishment is crafty, roman-esque, theatrical and forged.


Image by The Selby. 

So check out some pieces of the seasonal collection of costume and sterling silver jewlry, by the siblings Crangi – Giles & Philip. Incredible!




And you can take a peek at the entire collection right here:

Have fun!