Who is Philip Crangi?

4 Nov


Image by The Selby. 

Why The Selby (www.theselby.com) is one of my favorite blogs is no mystery. One gets a unique chance of entering the most intimate  space of just the coolest people around by clicking one button. And it’s not only the opportunity of seeing their homes and the way they decorate them, but also the utmost definition of themselves.

And let’s face it: we’re no hipsters, so we need some inspiration from those who get to be. And one of these super cool artists that I have just discovered is Philip Crangi.

A jeweler? A hipster? A hippie child? You name it, he’s got it. What first impressed me was his look – it was not how I pictured a jeweler. But when I got to the images of his atelier, I understood. His unique vision of embelishment is crafty, roman-esque, theatrical and forged.


Image by The Selby. 

So check out some pieces of the seasonal collection of costume and sterling silver jewlry, by the siblings Crangi – Giles & Philip. Incredible!




And you can take a peek at the entire collection right here:


Have fun!



One Response to “Who is Philip Crangi?”

  1. anomis November 4, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    lovely creations… i found them strong but with a glance of sweet genuine femininity!suppose it reflects any nowadays women desire to be/become!

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