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Ethinical spring

27 Jan

Hey all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written something on the blog, but I have to admit that between the long hours at work and my new sewing hobby, I don’t really have much time left for writing :(( However, since I did work on my sewing skills lately, and I even took a course over a week-end at PeSeta (which, by the way, was really great!), I thought I showed you my latest “work of art”.

So, here’s the story… The other day I was browsing Pull & Bear ‘s web site  for the new season’s novelties and I fond these really cute ethnical inspired stuff that I really liked.5820330800_2_1_1 1655211002_2_1_1 5472310251_2_1_1

So I thought to myself… “why not making my own ethnic bag out of the super cool fabric I just bought at Los Tejidos de la Maja??” And so I did… here is the result: 20130127-203311.jpg

As you can see, my bag is more like a clutch really and it has a really cute vintage fabric for the inside part. I’m actually quite proud of myself because I did it really quick and made no huge mistakes… you can’t see any seams and the color combination works quite well. 20130127-203411.jpg

What do you think?? Hope you like it (I do :))) …20130127-203520.jpg

20130127-205628.jpgI also did a cute apron with mittens and all, but that’s a story for my next post.

Thanks for reading!



Show me your closet

10 Jan

I know Amaya from the fashion school that we attended together last year and she always struck me as super chic, stylish and cool. That’s why it did not surprise me when she made her entrepreneurial debut with this really great project called Show Me Your Closet , that basically helps you find those really unique garments or accessories that will make you feel special and add a vintage touch to your every day ensembles. But not only that. If you have items that you don’t need anymore, they will help you sell them as well. Think of it as a really big closet that you will have at your disposal to browse and find the perfect item for you.

Flowers in the attic

The difference between this store and any other out there is that they provide a 100% personalized service, being able to meet you (if you live in Madrid) and personally check out the quality of the items you would like to sell, guaranteeing a high level of confidence for their customers. One of the reasons why I have never bought old stuff from the Internet (at places like Ebay and such) is basically due to the fact that I normally do not trust the products to be in good enough state. Show Me Your Closet makes sure that the items sold on their we site meet the highest standards so that you can feel stress free.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 02

Another feature that I really like about this store is the minimalistic design of their web page which, in my opinion, always works best. I think that it helps maximizing the lovely design of the cloths and reflects the spirit of the products presented in a very honest and straight forward way.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 01


And last, but not least, I absolutely love the stories behind the clothes… Every item has its unique story of how, when or where it was bought and I just find them fascinating!! Don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I am quite a romantic freak and I love to imagine a super soapy story behind all things vintage… Oh, and I also love romantic comedies. But that’s another story that maybe we’ll get to one of these days.

Chez Agnes Show Me Your Closet 02 LOOK

So let me tell you the story of my new vintage bag purchased at Show me Your Closet (if you love this bag and want to buy it really bad but you see that it says “sold out” online, it’s because I have it!!! My treasure!!!). Amaya told me that she bought the bag last summer at a vintage flea market outside of Paris and that she found an unexpected treasure inside it… an old tie pin with the shape of a boat that must have belonged to its previous owner. The story would not be complete if I didn’t tell you that my friend has a thing for boats and even has a paper boat tattoo… So it seems that some things have a way of finding you even if you don’t really look for them. And that’s how my new bag found me!! I am thinking of so many ways of wearing it that I can’t wait to use it!!



So remember, if you want to find a wonderful closet full of the most beautiful treasures, visit http://www.showmeyourcloset.bigcartel.com and you will definitely find something that is just right for you!

Hope you enjoy it!


In love…

9 Jan

Yes. I admit I am in love with a pair of sneakers… It’s shallow, but it’s so me nowadays. These are the ones, from Isabel Marant.


Cute, right? I guess a bit over-exposed but still really cool. Who would have thought that I, miss old-school meets geeky class president, that just 3 years ago had a closet full of plain old Zara jerseys with buttons (in every color available, so I could match them with appropriate office pants), would some day turn into this weird fashion lover wannabe that would even consider wearing ANY type of sneakers!! More so wedged sneakers!!

But anyway, here I am,  transformed into this white (and slightly overweight, permanently on a diet) swan that craves to achieve some level of coolness… The tragedy of this situation? My husband hates these shoes!!!! It seems that these are, in fact, a Man Repeller item!! Oh, Leandra, how right you were !!! You are definitely a visionary in this field, as I couldn’t get him to “approve” my getting even the lamest Blanco cheap copy of the IS shoes…

However, in my quest for the most perfect and coolest pair of sneakers, I finally bumped into these ones from Bimba y Lola and Eureka!!!!! My hubby loved them as well!! They are comfy, colorful and cheerful and I just loved them from the first moment I first laid eyes on them…


So, am I a Man Repeller as Leandra? Hmmmm… NO, ’cause I care too much about my man’s opinion on what I wear! BUT, I have to say that most of the times the compromises that we mutually reach regarding our selection of garments are quite satisfactory (although they normally imply a high dosage of patience and long conversations).

So, here I am at the end of my Isabel Marant crush, just like those hot and passionate summer love stories that you always remember throughout your grown up life. But instead, I have welcomed a more thoughtful and mature relationship with my new Bimbas 🙂


Oh, Romeo!

6 Jan

If you’ve seen the new Burberry ads lately and you thought the little fellow with a huge grin that appears in them was familiar, you were right… It turns out that Romeo.. yes, Romeo Beckham, is the boy selected for the campaign!

Romeo Beckham is taking the modeling world by storm! In a recent promo video released by Burberry for their 2013 campaign, the 10-year-old — who was named the face of the brand’s children’s line in December — sports hunter green shades and a megawatt smile as he runs circles around his fellow fashion stars.

In the clip, David and Victoria‘s cute son swaps out his tailored suit for edgier threads including a sleek leather jacket and black denim duds. Later, he dons (and clowns around in!) a mini purple metallic trench to the delight of his costars.


What do you think? Too young, rich, clever, fashionable?


Hydrogened Kitty

6 Jan

I have to admit I am not a Hello Kitty fan. As much as I would love to be able to enjoy this corny little kitty, I just can’t!! Maybe it’s the whiskers or the always permanent red bow that bothers me,I can’t really tell what it is… but I just can’t stand that cat! And by the way, what does it do???? Does it speak or do something? Does it do anything else but just putting its face on a gazillion products out there??

Well, in any case, here is something I stumbled upon recently – a co-branding made with Sanrio (the company that licenses this obnoxious little kitten) and the super cool brand Hydrogen. And I can clearly declare now that this is the ONLY thing that I could wear or buy with this “character” (I guess it’s a character although it doesn’t do anything ever, right??). Take a look:

Felpa-Keroppi-888x1024 Felpa-My-Melody Felpa-Hello-Kitty 03_2 img_3996So, what do you think? Oh well, the collaboration was done a couple of years ago so the collection is not in the market anymore so, tough luck Kitty!! I won’t be buying anything with your face anytime soon I guess… Here is a link to the Hydrogen site in case you are interested to browse their web http://www.hydrogenjeans.com/en/  I must say skulls are all over the place and I am a huge fa of skulls so, just so you know, Hydrogen is a great brand to buy skulls, see skulls, memorize skulls, dream about skulls … Hope you enjoy it!