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Digital transition 2.0

30 Nov

Hey all!! I don’t have much time to write because I have to go to the office (thank GOD it’s Friday!) but I wanted to share with you something really funny that happened to me this week. As you maybe know, Whatsapp is transitioning to a payment version and I have gotten so many messages from friends saying they were removing themselves from there and moving on to Line, which appeared to be this really cool new (and 100% free) app coming from Asia.

And when my hubby also texted me saying that I could no longer find hime on Whatsapp, but on Line, I obviously had to do the same myself… So what I did was I sent messages to my Whatsapp connections saying that they could reach me on Line and informing them of the reason why I was doing this (I have to admit I joined this mass hysteria not because of the 0,89€ the app is going to cost, but because I thought Line was pretty cool with its fun stickers and all).

The really funny thing that happened was that quite a few of my friends got back to me REALLY DESPERATELY (as they had no idea of this whole thing) asking what was going on, what was happening to Whatsapp, what were THEY supposed to do, what would happen to their connections, would they be able to stay in touch with their friends… Like it was the END OF THE WORLD! I kindly and patiently explained to them the whole “situation” and gave them the great solution of moving on to Line… but to my surprise, it was like I was talking to a brick wall, because they were so preoccupied with losing Whatsapp that they started babbling on and on about how they needed to call all their friends, they needed to send emails to everybody, post a note on Facebook to announce the change, etc, etc…

Ok, so, don’t you guys know that these apps feed your connections from your PHONE BOOK on YOUR mobile???? This is a digital era for God’s sake, a 2.0 transition and you need to be prepared for these kind of things! This led me to imagine the moment in which Facebook will no longer be relevant and everyone will want to use some other social media site – what will THEN happen???? It’s going to be chaos, Apocalypse! Maybe that’s what the Mayan Prophecy was all about… the end of the Whatsapp!

So, anyway, just wanted to let you all know I am on Line now, I love the stickers and I’m having a blast using it!





Xmas is almost here!

26 Nov
Daria Werbowy Hits the Slopes for H&M’s “Love the Holidays” Winter 2012 Campaign

I love Christmas holidays and I love this campaign… Visit to find out more!




26 Nov

Saint Laurent’s Spring 2013 Mens Campaign by Hedi Slimane fronted by Saskia de Brauw.

Photographs by YSL creative director, Hedi Slimane.

My First DIY

25 Nov

Hey all! OK, so let me tell you… I did several small DIY projects already, but wanted to share with you my FIRST real BIG super cute project, which is a zipper necklace. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now so this afternoon, after meeting a couple of friends for coffee, I came back home and decided to work on it.

And… here is the result!

Hope you like it!!


Why I LOVE Marc Jacobs

25 Nov

Sorry about the late post, but I had such a rough week at work and the Saturday has been just about sleeping and chilling for me… Funny how sleeping and resting often seems to me like a total waste of time, as I wish I could get more things done, but anyways, I guess one sometimes needs a rest as well. And since one of my best friends,Simona, is coming to visit next weekend, I just thought it would be good for me to just use this weekend for hibernating a bit and recharging batteries.

So today’s post is about my absolute FAVORITE designer EVER. MJ.Marc.Jacobs. THE BEST.

It’s not because he’s hot or because the has a perfect body. Not even because he’s obsessed with Sponge Bob to the point that he actually has a tattoo of him on his right arm. I love him because he’s one of the most creative designers out there that has managed to be business savvy at the same time showing the world that there is a way to combine the work that you love to do with the things consumers expect from you.

When he joined Maison Louis Vuitton in 1997 as the creative director of the brand, he managed to create the company’s first ready-to-wear clothing line whilst remaining true to his essence as an artist but delivering to Vuitton’s customers what they were expecting and attracting younger generations through the various collaborations with popular artists. One of his latest collaborations, with Yayoi Kusama, has actually been one of my favourites…

Here are some other campaigns, products and photos of his work that I also enjoyed a lot… The Protect the Skin you live in campaign, for example, featuring South Park characters.

Or the Victoria Beckham campaign, which I really loved!

And here is the the latest campaign for his AW12 collection. I thought it was quite cool.

My favorite cover of him on the Interview magazine…

As well as some of the things I still have on my wish list, like the famous mouse flats…

Or this bag from this AW12 collection…

So in case any of you were wondering what would make a nice Christmas gift for me, I guess now you know!

Thanks for reading my blog!