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Oh, Romeo!

6 Jan

If you’ve seen the new Burberry ads lately and you thought the little fellow with a huge grin that appears in them was familiar, you were right… It turns out that Romeo.. yes, Romeo Beckham, is the boy selected for the campaign!

Romeo Beckham is taking the modeling world by storm! In a recent promo video released by Burberry for their 2013 campaign, the 10-year-old — who was named the face of the brand’s children’s line in December — sports hunter green shades and a megawatt smile as he runs circles around his fellow fashion stars.

In the clip, David and Victoria‘s cute son swaps out his tailored suit for edgier threads including a sleek leather jacket and black denim duds. Later, he dons (and clowns around in!) a mini purple metallic trench to the delight of his costars.


What do you think? Too young, rich, clever, fashionable?



Hydrogened Kitty

6 Jan

I have to admit I am not a Hello Kitty fan. As much as I would love to be able to enjoy this corny little kitty, I just can’t!! Maybe it’s the whiskers or the always permanent red bow that bothers me,I can’t really tell what it is… but I just can’t stand that cat! And by the way, what does it do???? Does it speak or do something? Does it do anything else but just putting its face on a gazillion products out there??

Well, in any case, here is something I stumbled upon recently – a co-branding made with Sanrio (the company that licenses this obnoxious little kitten) and the super cool brand Hydrogen. And I can clearly declare now that this is the ONLY thing that I could wear or buy with this “character” (I guess it’s a character although it doesn’t do anything ever, right??). Take a look:

Felpa-Keroppi-888x1024 Felpa-My-Melody Felpa-Hello-Kitty 03_2 img_3996So, what do you think? Oh well, the collaboration was done a couple of years ago so the collection is not in the market anymore so, tough luck Kitty!! I won’t be buying anything with your face anytime soon I guess… Here is a link to the Hydrogen site in case you are interested to browse their web  I must say skulls are all over the place and I am a huge fa of skulls so, just so you know, Hydrogen is a great brand to buy skulls, see skulls, memorize skulls, dream about skulls … Hope you enjoy it!


Xmas is almost here!

26 Nov
Daria Werbowy Hits the Slopes for H&M’s “Love the Holidays” Winter 2012 Campaign

I love Christmas holidays and I love this campaign… Visit to find out more!




26 Nov

Saint Laurent’s Spring 2013 Mens Campaign by Hedi Slimane fronted by Saskia de Brauw.

Photographs by YSL creative director, Hedi Slimane.

Why I LOVE Marc Jacobs

25 Nov

Sorry about the late post, but I had such a rough week at work and the Saturday has been just about sleeping and chilling for me… Funny how sleeping and resting often seems to me like a total waste of time, as I wish I could get more things done, but anyways, I guess one sometimes needs a rest as well. And since one of my best friends,Simona, is coming to visit next weekend, I just thought it would be good for me to just use this weekend for hibernating a bit and recharging batteries.

So today’s post is about my absolute FAVORITE designer EVER. MJ.Marc.Jacobs. THE BEST.

It’s not because he’s hot or because the has a perfect body. Not even because he’s obsessed with Sponge Bob to the point that he actually has a tattoo of him on his right arm. I love him because he’s one of the most creative designers out there that has managed to be business savvy at the same time showing the world that there is a way to combine the work that you love to do with the things consumers expect from you.

When he joined Maison Louis Vuitton in 1997 as the creative director of the brand, he managed to create the company’s first ready-to-wear clothing line whilst remaining true to his essence as an artist but delivering to Vuitton’s customers what they were expecting and attracting younger generations through the various collaborations with popular artists. One of his latest collaborations, with Yayoi Kusama, has actually been one of my favourites…

Here are some other campaigns, products and photos of his work that I also enjoyed a lot… The Protect the Skin you live in campaign, for example, featuring South Park characters.

Or the Victoria Beckham campaign, which I really loved!

And here is the the latest campaign for his AW12 collection. I thought it was quite cool.

My favorite cover of him on the Interview magazine…

As well as some of the things I still have on my wish list, like the famous mouse flats…

Or this bag from this AW12 collection…

So in case any of you were wondering what would make a nice Christmas gift for me, I guess now you know!

Thanks for reading my blog!