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Hydrogened Kitty

6 Jan

I have to admit I am not a Hello Kitty fan. As much as I would love to be able to enjoy this corny little kitty, I just can’t!! Maybe it’s the whiskers or the always permanent red bow that bothers me,I can’t really tell what it is… but I just can’t stand that cat! And by the way, what does it do???? Does it speak or do something? Does it do anything else but just putting its face on a gazillion products out there??

Well, in any case, here is something I stumbled upon recently – a co-branding made with Sanrio (the company that licenses this obnoxious little kitten) and the super cool brand Hydrogen. And I can clearly declare now that this is the ONLY thing that I could wear or buy with this “character” (I guess it’s a character although it doesn’t do anything ever, right??). Take a look:

Felpa-Keroppi-888x1024 Felpa-My-Melody Felpa-Hello-Kitty 03_2 img_3996So, what do you think? Oh well, the collaboration was done a couple of years ago so the collection is not in the market anymore so, tough luck Kitty!! I won’t be buying anything with your face anytime soon I guess… Here is a link to the Hydrogen site in case you are interested to browse their web http://www.hydrogenjeans.com/en/  I must say skulls are all over the place and I am a huge fa of skulls so, just so you know, Hydrogen is a great brand to buy skulls, see skulls, memorize skulls, dream about skulls … Hope you enjoy it!