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In love…

9 Jan

Yes. I admit I am in love with a pair of sneakers… It’s shallow, but it’s so me nowadays. These are the ones, from Isabel Marant.


Cute, right? I guess a bit over-exposed but still really cool. Who would have thought that I, miss old-school meets geeky class president, that just 3 years ago had a closet full of plain old Zara jerseys with buttons (in every color available, so I could match them with appropriate office pants), would some day turn into this weird fashion lover wannabe that would even consider wearing ANY type of sneakers!! More so wedged sneakers!!

But anyway, here I am,  transformed into this white (and slightly overweight, permanently on a diet) swan that craves to achieve some level of coolness… The tragedy of this situation? My husband hates these shoes!!!! It seems that these are, in fact, a Man Repeller item!! Oh, Leandra, how right you were !!! You are definitely a visionary in this field, as I couldn’t get him to “approve” my getting even the lamest Blanco cheap copy of the IS shoes…

However, in my quest for the most perfect and coolest pair of sneakers, I finally bumped into these ones from Bimba y Lola and Eureka!!!!! My hubby loved them as well!! They are comfy, colorful and cheerful and I just loved them from the first moment I first laid eyes on them…


So, am I a Man Repeller as Leandra? Hmmmm… NO, ’cause I care too much about my man’s opinion on what I wear! BUT, I have to say that most of the times the compromises that we mutually reach regarding our selection of garments are quite satisfactory (although they normally imply a high dosage of patience and long conversations).

So, here I am at the end of my Isabel Marant crush, just like those hot and passionate summer love stories that you always remember throughout your grown up life. But instead, I have welcomed a more thoughtful and mature relationship with my new Bimbas 🙂