Oh, Romeo!

6 Jan

If you’ve seen the new Burberry ads lately and you thought the little fellow with a huge grin that appears in them was familiar, you were right… It turns out that Romeo.. yes, Romeo Beckham, is the boy selected for the campaign!

Romeo Beckham is taking the modeling world by storm! In a recent promo video released by Burberry for their 2013 campaign, the 10-year-old — who was named the face of the brand’s children’s line in December — sports hunter green shades and a megawatt smile as he runs circles around his fellow fashion stars.

In the clip, David and Victoria‘s cute son swaps out his tailored suit for edgier threads including a sleek leather jacket and black denim duds. Later, he dons (and clowns around in!) a mini purple metallic trench to the delight of his costars.


What do you think? Too young, rich, clever, fashionable?



Hydrogened Kitty

6 Jan

I have to admit I am not a Hello Kitty fan. As much as I would love to be able to enjoy this corny little kitty, I just can’t!! Maybe it’s the whiskers or the always permanent red bow that bothers me,I can’t really tell what it is… but I just can’t stand that cat! And by the way, what does it do???? Does it speak or do something? Does it do anything else but just putting its face on a gazillion products out there??

Well, in any case, here is something I stumbled upon recently – a co-branding made with Sanrio (the company that licenses this obnoxious little kitten) and the super cool brand Hydrogen. And I can clearly declare now that this is the ONLY thing that I could wear or buy with this “character” (I guess it’s a character although it doesn’t do anything ever, right??). Take a look:

Felpa-Keroppi-888x1024 Felpa-My-Melody Felpa-Hello-Kitty 03_2 img_3996So, what do you think? Oh well, the collaboration was done a couple of years ago so the collection is not in the market anymore so, tough luck Kitty!! I won’t be buying anything with your face anytime soon I guess… Here is a link to the Hydrogen site in case you are interested to browse their web http://www.hydrogenjeans.com/en/  I must say skulls are all over the place and I am a huge fa of skulls so, just so you know, Hydrogen is a great brand to buy skulls, see skulls, memorize skulls, dream about skulls … Hope you enjoy it!


Modefabriek – love, love, love!!

5 Jan

Hi all! Just wanted to share with you this really cool trade show that is going to take place this month (20th and 21st January) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I wish I could go!!!!!!

Unlike other fashion trade shows out there, Modefabriek seems like a unique, one of a kind and distinct place where niche, unknown or not so mainstream brands can gather into this really cool space where events, music and DJs prepare the ambiance for FUN and FASHION. Well, there are some already established brands (i.e. Hackett,Barbour or Hunter) that attend this show, but the vast majority are really just young and innovative brands that want to take the leap to recognition.

Innovative, inspiring and creative: these are the core values that uniquely characterise Modefabriek. The carefully selected and extensive fringe programme combines product design, events, music and food in a contemporary way.



In this edition of Modefabriek, the ‘young designer’ platform Next has been included in the Refined and Refined+ segment. The list of inspiring up & coming designer labels invited by Modefabriek to showcase their talents includes the unique Hungarian label Ivanka with fashion and interior-design products inspired by concrete, the Norwegian handbag label Cala & Jade, the men’s label Braille from London and the Greek label Natargeorgiou by the Greek Cypriot designers Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou.



And here is a little video showcased on the Modefabriek Web page… hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


If you want to check out more, here is the link to their web site: http://www.modefabriek.nl

As I said… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

Take care!


Butterflies are hot!!

3 Jan

Hi everyone!! So, as I am on holidays right now (thank G.O.D, I really needed a break!) I am catching up on my sewing skills and I am trying to get some projects done that I had pending. One of the things that I needed to do for my new sewing machine was a nice cover, as it didn’t come with one.

I must say that since starting with this hobby of mine, I am discovering a world of possibilities in terms of the things that one can do for oneself and I am especially enjoying the wonderful world of FABRICS!! I discovered some really cool and old-school shops right in the center of Madrid where they sell the most amazing, vintage fabrics! I am really excited and I wish I could spend the entire day just browsing in these stores and finding wonderful treasures. The cool thing is that they sell fabric patches as well, and those are really cheap, great for patchwork or for small DIYs.

So, as I was saying, I needed a new cover for my sewing mating and… here it is!!!


Love this butterflies patterns and the texture is also really nice. Very natural and vintage…


Here is the final product!!! I quite like it (taking into account that I’m just starting with this, it’s not that bad, don’t you think???)


And, by the way, butterflies are quite cool – take a look at this personalized mannequin that a company called Manikiss is developing. I absolutely love them!!! The price is about 150 € and this is the only reason why I don’t have one already!! 383333_287405738026671_1032759208_n

Well, I hope you liked this post and I will keep you in the loop of the next projects (I really need to take advantage of the holidays!!!!).

Thanks for reading!


Upcycling memories

1 Jan

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being very active lately but I promise that it is all going to change this year!! So here is my big news: Santa brought me a sewing machine this year!! A huge dream of mine since quite some time ago so I’m really excited to show it to you…


One of the things that I was planning to use it for was my Grandma’s vintage dress. In a few days it is going to be 3 years since she died and I never got to wear her dress because it was too large for me, so I decided that my first DIY project was going to be dedicated to her.

I wasn’t sure wether to try to adapt the dress to my size or to totally transform it into something else, but finally I decided to use it for various things, so that I could be reminded of my Grandma with each garment I put on.

The first project has been a success, in my opinion… I took the collar of the dress and added it to a simple white blouse I bought from Massimo Dutti a few weeks ago. Here is the result:


As you can see, I also added some elbow patches …


Handmade is not perfect, but for me, that’s really the beauty of it. It is not mass made, it is unique in its imperfection, and it is truly heartfelt. I really love the result and I can’t wait to wear my new vintage blouse 🙂


As the dress was quite big, I still have a lot of fabric left to use in other projects, so I’ll show you the new things that I make as I go along.

Thanks for reading and keep safe!